Animal Communication and Healing

Animal Communication can help you to understand your animal friend's needs and wants, thereby improving your relationship. Our animals try so hard to communicate with us and it can be very frustrating when they cannot make us understand. What we see as strange behaviour is their way of telling us what they want. Communication opens the path for a better relationship with our animals.

As animal communicators, we act as interpreters for your animal by tuning into their emotions, as animals mostly communicate with us via feelings and emotions and not words. Although they can understand certain words, for example, just mention the word "walk" to our dog, Charlie and he goes mad, but mostly our animals are tuning into our emotions. Many horse riders say that they can feel how much more relaxed their horses are when they are relaxed and vice versa. By acting as an intermediary, my aim is to bring animal and owner to a better mutual understanding.

I trained with
James French of Animal Communication Training in 2010.

Distance Healing
If you would lilke me to send distant healing to your animal please email me their name and I will be glad to. There is no charge for this.

If all the beasts were gone, men would die from a great loneliness of spirit, for whatever happens to beasts also happens to man. All things are connected.
Chief Seattle (1780-1866) Chief of the Squamish Indians
How does it work?
Some of my work is done remotely. I connect with a photo of your animal and relay to you the information I receive from the animal.

If you feel that a good connection has been made, the communication will continue. Any questions will be communicate to the animal, with the intent of getting you some answers.

I also make home visits and can incorporate reiki healing if required.

The cost for animal communication is £1 per minute and each communication usually last for 30 minutes.

Animal Communication is neither a diagnostic tool nor a replacement for professional veterinary advice.
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Anne with her Westie, Charlie An amazing experience. Anne clearly related things that really ‘fitted’ with what I know of my cat. Her connection was very good as she told me very specific things that she would not have known prior to her connecting with Arthur. She was clear, professional and has a natural talent. I was very impressed by her accuracy. Thank you. Judith, Dorking Anne described Max very accurately, saying that he was a great worrier needing lots of reassurance, loved people and is a very friendly dog.  Anne explained everything clearly in a very professional way and I felt very reassured as she answered all my questions. A very nice and helpful lady, I would not hesitate to seek her help again. May, Banstead. Anne’s communication with my dog Ted was very accurate and enlightening.  The session took place over the telephone and I felt she had a good connection remotely with my dog and accurately described his traits.  I was amused to discover that Ted feels he is my minder and thinks I am funny!  It was a very good session and helped me to realise why Ted behaves the way he does whilst out walking.  I highly recommend animal communication with Anne to be able to understand your animal and its behaviour better. Lee, Leatherhead.pic of Ted the westie Anne totally described Wallace and his character.  This was amazing as she said that he liked to lick feet, which he does.  I felt that she did communicate with him.  Anne was very professional and clear. Wendy, Walton on the Hill Anne summed Dolly up completely, gentle but no pushover, being a mare that is her. Dolly does a lot of dressage and more recently show jumping. My daughter, 16, was amazed at the description Anne gave and Anne had picked up that there has been a problem with Dolly’s hip.  Anne is very accurate and a good communicator. Wendy, Walton on the Hill I am very open-minded when it comes to new ideas and so when Anne told me about animal communication I was intrigued and very keen to see what she could do.  Anne told me that our older dog Scampi tolerated (but only just) our younger dog Billie and had been unhappy that she had been introduced to the household.  Also she told me that Billie didn't really know where she fitted in because of Scampi's behaviour towards her, and could be aggressive towards other dogs on walks.  We changed the way we treated both dogs, by making it clear that Scampi was 'Top Dog' but that Billie was loved equally.  We ensured that Billie was praised a lot and we made sure that she was included much more in family life and we stopped any aggressive play fighting between the two dogs.  Billie changed almost overnight and is much more settled and very affectionate.  She does have the occasional lapse in the park, but we think she is only being protective of us. I was really pleased with the outcome of this and I really believe there is something in it. Maria, Carshalton This was truly astonishing as Anne described an incident that happened when Fleur was a kitten that I know Anne had no idea about, but which was quite traumatic for my cat.  Anne’s connection was very accurate and gave details of things about Fleur that have made a difference to how I communicate with her now.  It was useful being able to ask questions about Fleur and getting some very helpful answers. Anne is a great communicator and has a very empathic and professional manner. What a great experience and so beneficial.  Thank you. Judith , Dorking Anne summed Dolly up completely, gentle but no pushover, being a mare that is her. Dolly does a lot of dressage and more recently show jumping. My daughter, 16, was amazed at the description Anne gave and Anne had picked up that there has been a problem with Dolly’s hip.  Anne is very accurate and a good communicator. Wendy, Walton on the HillAfter losing two of my gorgeous cats a week and two weeks before Christmas respectively, my son brought home Molly, a 15 month old cat to act as companion to Jeff. Thinking she would fit in because she is the same colouring we were very wrong. Jeff didn't like this interloper at all. We called Anne and she communicated with both cats and found that Jeff was afraid he was being shut out. We were able to reassure Jeff that all is the same and he is loved as he always was. Molly however, still hisses but we now know she is playing on it. Thank you Anne for putting Jeff at his ease, he really needed to believe how much he is loved by us all. Sam, Wallington example/picgeorgeb.jpg maddie In Memorium
Remembering our faithful friends. Sadly these animals have now passed on and we remember them with love.
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