Indian Head Massage
image of treatment room
Indian head massage is a very relaxing massage, working on the head, neck, shoulders, upper back and face, helping to reduce any tension and tightness that has built up in the tissues, muscles and joints. For the treatment, you can either be seated or lie on a couch, with the treatment lasting from 30 minutes to an hour.

Fee:£50 per hour session

Indian head massage lends itself particularly well to corporate health days, as it can be completed in 30 minutes, does not entail removing any clothes and is a quick, efficient balancer and stress buster.

Crystal Therapy Treatment
image of crystals
While you lie on a reclining chair or a couch I will sense or dowse your energy field and chakras and then select the crystals that I feel are best suited to your session, with the view to helping relaxation and balance.

The initial treatment lasts up to an hour and half including completing the form. Subsequent treatments last one hour.

Fee:£50 per hour session

Crystal Therapy traces back to the Ancient Egyptians and others such as the American Indians, Mayans and Aztecs who used the crystals' healing properties. The aim is to help promote balancing and well-being by placing crystals on or around the body.

I trained in Crystal Therapy at Lucis College in Dorking,, gaining my Practitioners Certificate in 2007.
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