What is Reflexology?
With its origins in Ancient Egypt, reaching the west via China in the early twentieth century, reflexology is a complementary therapy that focuses on reflex points on the hands and feet.

By applying gentle pressure and massage techniques to these points, the reflexologist aims to provide relaxation and promote homeostasis,(a Greek word meaning balance), in the body of the client.

Reflexology is suitable for all ages, from new born babies to the elderly, male and female.
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“Reflexology can provide a quiet island in the course of each day where we can get together, stop the commotion, take stock of what is really important, and renew ourselves so that we can return to our busy worlds with more energy and enthusiasm.”
Laura Norman, co-author of “The Reflexology Handbook” published by Piatkus
I trained in Reflexology at NESCOT (the North East Surrey College of Technology) http://www.nescot.ac.uk/, in 2000, qualifying with a credit from ITEC in 2001. In 2006 I met the standards of the Association of Reflexologists, www.aor.org.uk, to become a full practising member, MAR (Member of the Association of Reflexologists).

Reflexology Treatment
While you lie on a reclining chair or a couch, I will work primarily on the reflex points on the feet but will sometimes incorporate the hand reflexes. To finish, you will receive a relaxing foot or hand massage.

The initial treatment lasts up to an hour and half including completing the form. Subsequent treatments last one hour.

Fee:£50 per hour session
Reflexology is not a substitute for professional medical advice.

Reflexology Testmonials
I began treatment with Anne several years ago as I was trying to cope with a very sad time in my life. Anne is very caring, supportive and an amazing reflexologist. The treatments have given me the positive thoughts I need not to give up, and appreciate what I have. I still see Anne once a month and for the relaxation and calm the treatment brings. I thoroughly recommend Anne and reflexology. JD

I personally thought it wouldn’t work at first, but I was completely wrong! My whole body felt incredible after! FW
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