I wish to thank my clients for permission to use their testimonials.
I began treatment with Anne several years ago while being unable to cope with a very sad time in my life. I found Anne very caring, supportive and an amazing reflexologist. The treatments help me cope and give me the positive thoughts I need to not give up and to appreciate what I have.

I still see Anne once a month and really look forward to the relaxation and calm the treatment brings. I thoroughly recommend Anne and reflexology.
Anne has a lovely welcoming nature and always makes me feel comfortable and at ease. She has a genuine manner and great empathy with her clients. The reflexology treatment is extremely relaxing and I always feel rejuvenated. To finish, Anne always gives an extra special foot massage.

My energy levels the following day are always much increased and it leaves me with a general feeling of well-being. I would highly recommend Anne's services.
I went to Anne Jepson following cancer breast as reflexology is supposed to be good for you when you have been through that. I love going for my sessions as it gives me a chance to totally unwind and switch off to the outside world. I come out feeling invigorated and refreshed. Anne is a lovely person a good friend and listener, and great reflexologist.

The whole experience is great particularly having your feet massaged such a lovely feeling!
My son, Ben aged 7, started seeing Anne last year due to some social and behavioural issues and anxiety. I was afraid that he would not sit still but under Anne’s calm and warm way he enjoyed every minute. Ben went on several times and it really made a big difference to him especially with his anxiety. Now a year later, he is much more settled and of his own free will, he asked to see Anne for reflexology as a reward for getting all his stickers on his reward chart! That to me says how special Anne and her reflexology are. KD
I have had Reiki from Anne over several years. I sought her help after developing a neurological condition, probably precipitated by stress and exhaustion from all aspects of my life. Having seen many medical specialists I was not improving until I received Reiki from Anne, regularly initially and then as I began to improve, we reduced the frequencies of the sessions.

Reiki has helped me on many levels, from the obvious physical exhaustion and symptoms to the emotional anguish I discovered I was harbouring through to the spiritual aspect. After benefitting so much from Reiki, I even started to practice it myself.

I can’t thank Anne enough for introducing me to Reiki and I would thoroughly recommend her as a Reiki Master.
DM (medical doctor)
I was first recommended to Anne four years ago, my main reason for reflexology was on going fertility problems. I believe it was a contributory factor to a long term wait for a second baby.

I also found Reflexology helps many other issues from on going back and neck problems to day to day stress. Anne’s approach is very warm, friendly and spiritual, you instantly feel relaxed and at ease.

If someone had said that having your feet massaged would be the most relaxing thing you will do I would never have believed them until I had tried. I now go to see Anne every four weeks for my little bit of heaven and leave feeling rebalanced again.
I have been having reflexology with Anne for a number of years and it has helped me to become a more relaxed person, especially when I have PMT.

I have noticed that I very rarely have colds or other illness since I started reflexology sessions. Anne puts you at ease the moment you walk into her therapy room, and once the session starts I drift off very quickly into a relaxed, peaceful state.

When I emerge from this relaxed state I feel energized. Anne always seems to know if I have had any lower back pain or pain in my knee without me mentioning this and works on these areas during a session. I would recommend reflexology with Anne to people who lead stressful lives and need to relax.